Let’s face it – this year has been chaotic and unpredictable. All those goals and expectations you set back in January have literally flown out the window in front of your very own eyes. You may be left feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to get started now that routine is slowly seeping back into your daily life.

With all the options on how to get back on track, which one makes the most sense?

Let’s first look at what is in your control. Whether you’re still working from home, in quarantine at home due to potential COVID exposure, or re-entering society, one thing is common – you have control over your nutrition. That’s good! Do you know what’s great? When looking to achieve your health and wellness goals the MOST important aspect to focus on is your nutrition.

Let me say that again in a different way. Nutrition is THE most important aspect to focus on when you are looking to achieve health and wellness goals. 


So no matter what this upcoming fall throws your way, you can be prepared and stay on track to gaining control and finding success!


What options are there?

The best way to get started is to sign up for our upcoming fall nutrition challenge. Don’t get caught up in the word challenge too much – think more along the lines of ‘journey’ or ‘kickstart’. Our program is habit-based and our goal is to help you achieve massive success over the long term through realistic and manageable lifestyle changes made on a weekly basis.

It’s a group setting that helps keep your experience FUN! We know how long it’s been for some of you interacting with your friends and family and we want you to feed off each other’s energy. The group atmosphere also helps with accountability. I bet most of you have tried some sort of weight loss program in the past – if it didn’t work, it’s probably safe to say you weren’t held accountable by a rockstar coach (me) or built-in cheerleading section (other participants). We are all working together towards a common goal and that is a huge motivator. 


The four-week time period is also a great time to figure out where you need support the most moving forward. Every single client is different – are being dealt a different hand with our ‘new normal’ – and the challenge is a great opportunity to throw away what doesn’t work and fine-tune what does work to get you maximum results in our ongoing customized program. 


A major misconception is that you have to be a member of the gym to join our nutrition program. That’s false. We understand that you may not have the time to dedicate yourself to both a fitness and nutrition routine, so we would love to have you as a nutrition only client. If you’re ever looking for a fitness routine as well, then we can talk further and ease you into our entire community! 


For more information on how to get started TODAY and get your fall back on track, click here to sign up!

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